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I recently sent an email (which I've cut and pasted below this review) to the folks at Healthy Paws and wanted to post it here too--along with more detailed feedback about Healthy Paws, because this is one of the best companies I've ever had the pleasure of giving business to--both within and outside of the pet insurance industry.
To provide some background for anyone who is trying to make a decision about purchasing pet insurance (a daunting task, no doubt, once you really begin digging into the options), we previously had 24PetWatch for our Boxer (it was a short term insurance policy and we had it for about 2 months right after we adopted her from a local rescue organization). Initially, we thought about renewing the 24PetWatch policy but after dealing with their claims process, we decided to really start researching other companies closer to the time that the 24PetWatch policy expired. I am THRILLED that we did our homework and selected Healthy Paws, and I wish all companies operated like they do. Healthy Paws is, hands down, an absolute pleasure to work with.

Since choosing Healthy Paws, we have unfortunately had the occasion to file two separate claims with them and each time, I was shocked by how easy the process was, how helpful the representatives were, and how genuinely concerned they seemed about our dog. I remarked to my husband that I really didn't think companies like this existed anymore--but I'm so glad they do. Their turnaround time on reimburseme

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two claims--one for ingestion of foreign body and another for cough/cold symptoms
Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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