Charlie and Hershey

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My relationship started with PetFirst when we rescued our second dog Charlie in January 2010. Not knowing what was to come, we knew having 2 dogs would be costly trips to the Vet when needed so we looked into insurance. Approximately 6 months later, my dogs got into a fight over a marrow bone which results in an emergency visit to the vet as well as countless follow-ups until Charlie’s ear was finally healed. PetFirst was there every step of the way and let me focus on Charlie’s recovery versus worrying about how I was going to be able to pay the bills that would provide the recovery he needed. Hershey has also gone through his share of vet visits and as a Lab having fatty tumors is part of their makeup. The problem here is that you never know which might be fatty and which may be worse. Because of PetFirst, I don’t have to guess and I can have him taken care of the way he should be.
After these and several other experiences, I have never second guessed whether or not I should make a trip to the vet because of cost. PetFirst has taken that stress out of being a pet owner and let me focus on being a good parent for the right reasons.
Hershey just turned 11 this year and it is in part to PetFirst that he is doing so well. He is in great shape mentally and physically and still able to keep up with his younger brother in the yard. Thank You PetFirst. I sing your praises to the other animal lovers I come across looking to do right by their pets. I would like to s

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