Healthy Paws: Peace of Mind at a Difficult Time!

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As a first time pet owner, I really didn't know what to expect when owning a cat. I thought pet insurance would probably be a good idea. After researching different plans, I bought Healthy Paws Insurance when my little cat was 3 months old and I am so glad I did. She recently had to have surgery to remove clumps of MY hair that were stuck in her intestines. I couldn't believe it. I was so scared because the vets couldn't see what was wrong in x-rays and they had to do a bunch of tests until they decided to do exploratory surgery. At the time, I was seeing that bill add up and it gets really scary. I couldn't help but think what is my limit to save my little love THEN I remembered I have Healthy Paws! I felt so much relief at that moment. Once everything was settled, I downloaded the claim forms and gave them to my vet for all information to be submitted. Healthy Paws provided great service and information for me to get my covered costs reimbursed. Since it was my first claim, it took about 3 weeks, mostly because the vet assistant didn't send all the medical records when the claim was submitted, otherwise I definitely would have been settled sooner. Healthy Paws kept me up to date on what was still missing and how the process was going. I would definitely recommend Healthy Paws.

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Cat eating stupid hair!
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Over $1000

Highland Fold

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Under a year

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