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I highly recommend PetPlan Pet Insurance. A few days after Thanksgiving, our 6-month-old Golden Retriever ate a ball of crafting wire and needed gastric surgery to have it removed. Her vet and surgery bills were slightly over $3700. The claim process couldn't be easier - download the pre-filled form from your account on the web and give it to the vet. Two weeks after filing a claim, we were reimbursed $2750. In February she ingested a hand-warmer which contains lead. No surgery this time, thank goodness, but the IV meds and overnight observation were slightly over $900. Two weeks later, we received a check for about $500. Our yearly plan isn't the least coverage, nor is it the top of the line (we have 80% coverage with $200 deductible), but it's enough that we didn't have to worry about large vet bills during the holiday season. Since we had two claims within the first year, I was worried our premiums would increase astronomically. No worries - just got the renewel and the increase was only $2.50 per month, which I think is quite reasonable (MUCH less than the increase on our homeowner's after a basement flood). Note to fellow military members - they offer a 15% military discount on premiums but you must call rather than just completing the internet application.

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ate a ball of crafting wire
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Golden Retriever

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Under a year

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