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We have had Healthy Paws pet insurance for the past 2 years. Several times my husband asked, why? Now he knows and said he won't question it again. :)Over the winter our active 7 yr old Husky mix, Sierra sustained a slight injury during an agility exercise session. We didn't think much of it at the time. This spring when our activity levels increased, so did her lameness. At the advise of our Vet, we consulted a specialty vet who confirmed that Sierra had a Cruciate Ligament tear and suggested TPLO surgery. Of course, as with any surgery, there is a high cost. Thanks to Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, we were able to have Sierra's ligament injury corrected without the high financial burden. The check from Healthy Paws Pet insurance arrived yesterday. If not for them, Sierra would not be able to resume the active lifestyle that she thrives on. The peace of mind is worth the cost, especially having 3 active dogs!

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cruciate ligament injury
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