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Our Dew is a curious cat. Whenever there is anything happening our Dew is there. He went out on a beautiful Saturday morning in mid November and didn't return. We heard gunshots in the distance, but didn't think they were near enough to be of any danger to our animals. However, Dew didn't come home for 2 days. When we finally found him holed up in our garage, we were so happy to see him, but soon realized there was a big problem. We thought perhaps he had been mauled by coyotes. We rushed him to the vet first thing in the morning where it was discovered he had not 1 but 2 gunshot wounds with the bullet still logged in his neck. The vet was astonished that the bullet hadn't hit any vital organs in his back, nor any arteries. He did however have a shattered scapula. They determined that it was really one bullet that hit him. It went in his side, skimmed upward about 5 to 6 inches, exited his body but reentered at his shoulder, shattered his scapula and logged in his neck just under the skin. They needed to treat him for the infection that had already set in and after 10 days referred us to a Vet in Albuquerque, NM 300 miles away. When we got there the Vet looked at how well he was doing and thought at first that the xrays he had received had exaggerated the damage. Upon review of new xrays he determined that the surgery must be done immediately. To leave it as it was would mean Dew would lose his front leg within less than a year. We agreed to nearly $3000.00 for

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