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One day our 5 year old male boxer had to be rushed to the hospital due too his non-responsiveness. He was diagnosed with a ruptured spleen caused by a large tumor growing on it and was very close to death. That's when he was diagnosed lymphoma and needed chemotherapy. This was an emotionally difficult time for us as it came on suddenly without warning. When we contacted Embrace there was no haggling, just sympathy and relief that everything was covered (minus co-pay) under his plan, even his treatments every week. Now, I can never put a dollar amount on my dogs so whatever we have to do we do, but the cost of his surgery and subsequent treatments was in the thousands and if it was not for Embrace it would of been a terrible hardship. Their courteous and caring staff has made this experience better than I expected. We just have the hospital fill out the claims and fax them over to Embrace and within a week it's in the bank.

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Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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