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Shawnee had ripped off a piece of plastic when I was not home. Upon my arrival home, I found Shawnee lethargic and he had vomited approximately 6 times -- mostly mucous. I found a piece of plastic about the size of a quarter in one of the vomits. I immediately took Shawnee to Emergency Critical Care. I also was uncertain of whether or not he had ingested more plastic. At the Emergency Critical Care, it was determined that Shawnee had not ingested plastic. It was also found that Shawnee had a low and irregular heart beat. The bill at the Emergency Critical Care was $3870.90. Pet Plan paid $3283.81. I paid $200 deductible (1 for each illness) plus 10%. Thank God. Shawnee is required to have follow up visits. For the first follow up visit that was $133.50, Pet Plan paid $120.15. I paid 10%. From my first call to Pet Plan on 4 May 14 to the day the claim was approved/processed on I believe 30 May 14, Kristin Golden was instrumental in the process. When the Emergency Critical Care submitted a form with the incorrect dates on the claim form, Kristin worked with me to quickly make the changes as well as ensuring that all needed documentation was received when the Emergency Critical Care had problems with their fax. Although, each Pet Plan rep that I spoke with during this time period was helpful and friendly, Kristin stands out. Pet Plan and we are fortunate to have someone of Kristin's caliber working for Pet Plan. A special thanks to Kristin for going above and b

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Irregular and low heart beat/cardiomyopathy
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Domestic Shorthair

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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Posted: 07/01/2014

I wrote this review. I made an error regarding the Pet Plan rep's name. It is Krista not Kristin.