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We purchased the low deductible/high reimbursement ($100/90%)plan through Healthy Paws after doing some research into plans and reading reviews online. Our beagle is 11 and as he has a voracious appetite for things which are bad for him, so we thought it would be a good idea. And boy was it! Recently, he became ill and we had to take him to our regular vet, the emergency vet, and finally an internist, and those visits together were about $1500. With the insurance, we had about $500 out-of-pocket cost which is definitely more feasible than $1500. I don't ever want to have to decline treatment for my "dog child" because of money. This insurance has been wonderful and definitely worth the cost. We are extremely comforted knowing that we have this great insurance and can pursue necessary treatments that we might not otherwise be able to, in order to help him. They also e-mailed me a few weeks later to check on my dog and see how he was doing, which was totally unexpected but very much appreciated!

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Over 8 years

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