The Best Insurance for my Best Friend

Out of 10

I found my best friend in a shelter when he was 6 weeks old. Over the years he has been a constant positive presence in my life and my family's.
Around age 4 I felt it best to get him pet insurance and reviewed nearly every company out there. All the reviews pointed to Healthy Paws as being the best, most comprehensive coverage and fastest claims reimbursement of all pet insurance companies. In six years, they have not let me or Smokey down.

As Smokey reaches age ten, his health is now a concern, last year he had a malignant trumor removed (Healthy Paws covered as agreed, no questions asked). This years, two more malignant tumors were removed and he was diagnozed with Cushings Disease.

Healthy Paws covered, as agreed, all of the surgery up the allowable amount, 90% of all monthly medications for the Cushings Disease, and is still standing in our corner as we continue to fight to keep our best friend healthy and happy.

I dread thinking of the decision I would have been forced to make if I did not have the pet insurance and the knowledge that I would be reimbursed for most of the expense related to his treatment.

The Healthy Paws monthly amount is well worth the cost and will more than prove its worth time and time again for you and your pet.

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Malignant Tumors/Cushing's Disease
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Labrador Mix

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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