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We have four Scottish Deerhounds in our household. Our oldest is Hanna who had her left hind leg amputated (due to osteosarcoma) this past November. She tolerated that procedure quite well. She has had three Carboplatin treatments, then Palladia for the next few months. Although she could not be included, the costs associated with her diagnosis and treatment caused me to see about pet insurance for the others. I evaluated ten pet insurance programs and selected Healthy Paws for its comprehensive coverage and because others ranked them at the very top. Hanna’s ordeal prompted me to enroll the other three in your insurance program.
Although I certainly had no intention of "testing" that evaluation with any of our dogs, we are now so very glad to be a part of Healthy Paws because:
On February 12th GCH DC Altnamara’s Cappuccino SC (aka Chino) was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in his right hind leg. His best option, at age five and a half, was amputation followed by chemotherapy. His recovery is progressing and his future looks promising.
Based on our most recent experience, I offer the following observations about Healthy Paws Pet Insurance: They:
• are very accessible and very polite,
• are clear about what they need in order to process claims,
• are very prompt in processing those claims,
• do what they said they would do when we signed up – in other words “no bait and switch” , AND
• Customer Service is exceptional (rated 10)!
For all of their lives ou

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