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Our dog, Oliver, stopped eating about a month ago. A battery of tests; including x-rays, an ultrasound, and blood panels have proven inconclusive: We are reluctant to Scope his stomach in his fragile state.
Our Veterinarian has prescribed a low-dose trial of Prednisone to stimulate his appetite and, hopefully,"turn off" any auto-immune response he may be having. Oliver's condition is guarded, as he still isn't eating consistently (scary, as he is an 8.5 pound dog).

Healthy Paws insurance has been one bright spot in all of this. Despite the expense involved, Healthy Paws has funded much of the cost (we are on a 90% reimbursement plan after office visit fees and a $100 yearly deductible)and this coverage has saved us thousands of dollars.

We feel so fortunate to have this insurance company by our side: They processed our claims within a week and even checked up on Oliver's condition via email asking us to give him a big hug from them - in this day and age, who does that??? :)

I truly feel Healthy Paws could teach the big human health companies a thing or two about coverage and customer service!

You may want to Google the June 2014 Los Angeles Times article comparing Pet Insurance coverage: In summary, Healthy Paws rated #1 and the review was so glowing that the reporter even disclosed that he signed his dog up for coverage.

This is the best insurance my dog (and my family) have ever been involved in.

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