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Pet Plan has been a God-send to our family. We learned the hard way about how valuable pet insurance can be. When our healthy five-year old three-legged golden passed away within a span of ten hours, we charged thousands of dollars on credit cards to find out what was happening, only to lose him that same evening. Now, every dog we've had since then, a total of five, have been or is covered by Pet Plan Insurance. Most recently our then six-year old golden was diagnosed with Indolent Lymphoma. We were told: “If your dog has to have a cancer, this is the one you want. He could live years.”
It is a slow moving lymphoma and no treatment is given until necessary. That was about eight months after diagnosis for Max. But in those eight months, we had monthly oncologist check-ups – all covered. We worked with two holistic vets for consults and supplement recommendations and products – all covered. The one holistic vet did acupuncture, homeopathic and chiropractic work – all covered! We are able to pursue the treatments that will give him the best fighting chance to battle this disease.
When things started to change, the treatment needed to be started; the check-ups continue. The treatment is oral chemo everyday for “an extended period of time” which I soon found out meant months. Eventually it may be reduced to every other day. But again, this has all been covered by Pet Plan!
Thanks to Pet Plan’s wonderful coverage and their understanding of the various treatment options a

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