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One of our dogs, a Chinese Crested mix who is about twelve years old, started snorted/coughing, or something like that, in early September. The vet initially thought that it was a bacterial upper respiratory infection and started him on antibiotics. His condition worsened, and we journeyed down a long road of examinations, diagnostics (including the possibility of nasal cancer), hospitalizations, treatments, and medications that totaled about $10,000.00 within five months. A CT scan and several additional tests finally diagnosed his problem as a fungal infection in his nasal passages, which explains why he didn't respond to antibiotic treatment. Through it all, Petplan reimbursed each and every claim promptly and without question. Checks were received within ten days or less from the date that claims were submitted. At the present time, Henry is generally doing quite well, but we will not know for at least another few weeks whether the initial anti-fungal treatment has been successful or will have to be repeated. The fact that Henry, as well as all of our other pets, is insured through Petplan allowed us to focus on getting him well without any concerns regarding the cost of doing so. When I decided to insure my pets, I researched all of the pet insurance companies to learn specifics about what was and was not covered. Petplan is absolutely the best in multiple areas: what they cover, the cost of coverage, and the genuine caring attitude of the people who work there. Insuring my pets through Petplan was one of the smartest financial decisions that I have ever made, and I will continue their coverage with this company for the rest of their lives.

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