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I got Trupanion insurance on my pup when she was 3 months old. My vet recommended it. I had VPI in the past for 3 of my dogs & had NOTHING but Problems with them!! At the time I was even working for my vet & received all medical care & meds at cost... VPI still wouldn't cover things!!!! They even denied my dogs elbow surgery because they made a mistake on my monthly billing & didn't charge me 1 month, I saw they didn't charge me so I called them & they admitted that it was a mistake with their computers... 3 months later my dog needed elbow surgery... They refused to pay it because of "a laps in coverage"... Which was their fault!! So needless to say I was Very hesitant on getting insurance for my pup. I am sooooo grateful that I got Trupanion!! When my pup turned 1 she suffered her 1st seizure. Then 4 weeks later another seizure & has been diagnosed with epilepsy. She started on Keppra & still suffered 2 more seizures. Now she's also on phenobarbital. Her meds alone cost $155/month. Trupanion has been incredible!! I fax over my claims & within hours get an email confirming they received my claims & will pay out 90% of expenses!! I recommend Trupanion 100% to all pet owners! Even their customer service help line has been incredible!! So helpful & kind!! Thank you!!!

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Saint Bernard

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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