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I took a pup to Banfield and signed up for the wellness plan. Expensive, but I thought worth it. I never had to take the pup back, but paid and paid and paid. I got a second pup and she was sick. Took her in and it cost me big time. I signed her up for wellness plan. Then I paid big bucks for the medicine and office call. I forgot to take medicine with me and called back only to find out that I owed almost as much as a third of what the wellness plan was. I let them know that they could cancel the new pup and the other one as it wasn't worth time or money to keep it. They informed me that I could get out of the first one but the second was a contact with the corporate office. No one there, AT ANY TIME. Sent emails, called number that no one ever answered, and spoke with office personnel. I got a letter/bill/estimate (?) in the mail that said I "may" owe from 62.00 to 88.00? Even said estimate. I'm sorry, but I couldn't be forced to subject my pets to these people who seem to have money first and pets welfare second. Oh, and I was threatened with being turned into collections if I stopped payment on the wellness plan. Guess what I did.

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$100 - $500


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Under a year

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