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wellness care plan a little bit on the high side if you don't use but when you do its ok. The waiting is terrible and when they say your pet is ready another half an hr.to an hour or longer. service isn't that great. They all act like rookies. Also they sell your information to the oc animal control that if you k=don't have dog license then your slap with a fee. Found that out when I ask the Benfield reception in Fullerton and I told them what business did they have to give your personal information. Barely can afford the 50.00 dlr payment and now I have to settle it with the oc animal control. If you notice all of a sudden then you know where it came from. Wheres my privacy and my rights. my animal is a service dog and that shows that banfield does sell your information . It was confirm by the office. That's B.S for that reason my ratings fell.

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