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Earlier this month, my 5 month old puppy was vomiting up giant globs of mucus all night long, then was fine during the day. It took a few vet trips to figure out that he had swallowed a foreign object that was trapped in his stomach. We got him in for endoscopic surgery ASAP and on the road to recovery but it was extremely stressful between a sad puppy, messes of bodily fluids, days of sleep deprivation, and the possibility of invasive surgery if things didn't go well. The one stress I NEVER HAD was how I was going to afford the medical care. This enabled me to makefast decisions and get puppy the surgery he needed before any more complications arose. What would have been a ~$1500 weekend ended up costing about $250.
The claims were processed quickly and covered everything as expected. The calculations of coverage are clearly spelled out and people were easily accessible on the phone when I had questions. The check came in time to pay off the credit card bill for the surgery. I have been recommending Healthy Paws to all of my friends/family, particularly those with puppies as they don't always make the best decisions. I am so glad I made the decision to protect Bowser.

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Foreign object stuck in stomach
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Over $1000

French Bulldog

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