Beware of hidden charges!

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Read your policy very carefully! The website makes it very hard to find out exactly what your annual premium is, and if you "trust" their staff, you will be duped. The customer service agent that signed me up last year didn't inform me that a monthly payment incurs a $3 service charge so I paid $36 extra last year when I could have paid the full amount if I had known.
This is EXTREMELY UNETHICAL and basically ripping off customers by not fully informing them of the hidden charges. Any sane person that can afford pet insurance can afford the less than 200 dollars of premium at once rather than paying $36 extra for the same thing. Even if they can't afford it, the agent should have informed customers about the extra charge so they can decide themselves.

If this kind of unethical behavior starts at the sign-up, who knows what else is hidden and a "catch"?! When you actually need them, after paying thousands of dollars?

I am so close to dropping my policy. $36 is not a huge sum of money but I feel deeply cheated.

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Posted: 09/28/2014

I have been researching pet insurance companies and only know about this $3 monthly "transaction fee" from reading reviews. When I got an online quote, there was nothing in For example, the quote didn't say 15.30 + 3.00 monthly transaction fee--it was just $18.30. I called them on the phone, and I had to flat out ask them about it and they admitted to the fee, but said it's waved if I pay each year in full. They said the fee goes into investments. HUH? So the quote they gave me on the phone was $3 less than the one I got online. This is so unethical and I have a friend whose been on the plan for a year and didn't know about this fee in his monthly premium. He's furious. They need to be upfront and honest with their customers. This isn't right.

Posted: 02/11/2015

I'm not even a policy holder yet and I can see on their website that there is a service charge for monthly payments. DON'T BLAME THE COMPANY BECAUSE YOU CANNOT READ!!