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As luck (bad luck!) would have it, in March of 2013 Madison was diagnosed with lymphoma. To make a long story somewhat shorter, by the time she died December 5, the medical bills exceeded $22,000. And of this amount, our insurance company paid all but about $2500. But it was not the fact that--how unbelievable!–here was an insurance company that actually paid; it was the spirit in which it paid. We would send in a claim form on, say, a Monday; we would receive our check for the 80% (less the office visit) by Thursday, and then it would be three weeks before the charge even hit our credit card. The payments came with personalized notes from the company telling us how glad they were to be able to help us affordably sustain Madison’s life. (By the way, that eight months of treatment gave Madison, up until the very last day, quality time; she was a happy dog and her brother Bill continued to play with her and enjoy her company). To top it all off, in the middle of Madison’s chemotherapy, I discovered online a new experimental hormone therapy that was very expensive but held out the prospect of, perhaps, many, many more months, or even years, of quality life. I contacted the company and asked if they would pay for it. They said, in effect, “let us think about it.” Two days later I got an email that advised me that the treatment had been approved. Those experimental treatments cost about $4500; we paid $900 of the cost. And while I will never know how much more time those treatment

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Portuguese Water Dog

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