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Our family bought the Wellness Plan for our English Bulldog. After his 3rd visit, they noted a heart murmur, but said there was not much concern. We ended up losing our English Bulldog due to heart failure at 10 months. I brought him to 2 other hospitals that said with a simple x-ray, you can tell the how severe it was. The plan is a RIP OFF! We paid $42.00 a month and I called Banfield to let them know our puppy has passed away. They then said I must keep paying the $42.00 for another 3 months. The plan was $600.00 a year and we only put in around $500.00, which is does not state when you set up plan. I received their magical "discount" for a microchip and ended up paying over $40.00 for that. We now have another English Bulldog and take him to a different vet and pay out of pocket expenses and I paid $25.00 for his microchip last week. This place is a true rip off, it is not insurance, they put ridiculous charges on your bill and act like they save you money. The vet doctors in Clarksville are rude and the vet doctor called me last night to let me know she was sorry for the passing of our dog, but I must be responsible for the balance. She also informed me that they strive for a 75% satisfactory survey, but they are currently at 93% so she was happy. Every time I go into Banfield for my scheduled appointments, we wait 3-4 hours past the time seen because of some other animal that is an "emergency". We had our puppies nail trimmed and I paid around $22.00 from Banfield and t

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Heart Murmur
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

English Bulldog

Age of Pet
Under a year

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Posted: 02/18/2014

where do you take your pet now?