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I adopted my dog 11 years ago, and with the adoption came 30 days of sheltercare. We decided to purchase the Quickcare Gold (70% -$50 deductible). The sheltercare was only for illness, and of course he had a minor eye accident that was entered into his records. So when we got the better policy it was considered a pre-existing condition. We were able to get the pre-existing condition removed by showing that he had no issue with is eye for 6 months. Our first submittal was for eye surgery on the other eye by a specialist. The bill was over $1,600 and they paid the full amount less the deductible. In his last 7 months he was diagnosed with Lymphoma and dilated cardiomyopathy. Our bills far exceeded the limit for the Lymphoma treatment so they paid the full $3,000, and we got over $2,700 for the DCM. The one item they would not pay for was the holter monitor. We never asked if it was covered, and I think it's a rather advanced test for a pet, but it was worth it for us. We did not submit paperwork for the later 2 conditions until after he died and the policy came due again. They gave us 90 days to submit the bills and also credited us for part of the coverage since he had died before the end of the policy. The price of the coverage went up from about $240/yr at the start, 11 years ago, and I think the last bill was going to be $395. It took a while for the payment of last 2 conditions, but we submitted over 50 pages of medical history, invoices and payments. If I ever g

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Eye problem


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Labrador Retriever

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