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I have a 6 yr old dalmation with lots of health issues. His 1st was major surgery for kidney stones cost $2000. I loved his previous vet, but I needed a new one in my new town. I went to pick up some meds from my aunts vet for her cat. Front desk ruined that option. The front desk girl let the phone ring so she could talk to a male employee. When I asked if she was going to Answer the phone. She said she didn't know enough to answer phones. Anyways I put off finding a new vet until my 5 year Bengal got sick. Banfield was the only place open on Saturday night. They took great care of my pets. Soon after I signed both of my pets up for the special care plans. It has saved me thousands of dollars that I don't have. It gives me piece of mind to know I have some help in emergency situations with the cost of vet care. I only recommend getting the puppy plan or the special care if ur pet is sick. If your animal is in good health I would just stick with paying for the yearly check up. As for everyone who is complaining about still having to pay after death etc. I know I used most of my services right away getting my animals checked top to bottom. It's just not fair to use all those services and not want to pay the monthly which in the end is way cheaper than the cost of even a few of the services included combined. This is a great plan! I highly recommend!

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Renal (kidney)

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Over $1000


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1 - 8

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