The MORE Claims, the LESS they pay.

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Petsecure started out as a good company. Then our dog developed pancreatitis and required two hospitalizations and expensive vet treatment over the course of two years.
While Petsecure did pay their portion of the our claims, each time we submitted a claim, their percentage of coverage dropped. First it was 80%, then a letter stating it was going down to 70%, then 60%. This continued until our dog was finally put to sleep. We had the Petsecure2 plan which covered the euthanasia. Even through that last claim indicated the dog had died, Petsecure managed to send us a letter stating that our coverage was now decreased to 50% (for our now dead dog!). When I sent them a scathing email about sending the letter about reducing coverage for an obviously deceased dog, they claimed that their department did not yet know of the euthanasia. Interesting, because some other department knew of the claim and managed to send out a letter further reducing our coverage for our dead dog. So, I guess this shows where their priorities lie - protecting themselves.

I am not sure I would use petsecure again. Most companies and reviews I read are entirely mediocre. I feel at the mercy of these insurance companies. It may be to our best interests to simply set aside some money every month for vet costs rather than use an insurance company.

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

American Eskimo Dog

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 01/04/2014

Hi there,I'm so very sorry for your loss. And even moreso for their lack of tact at the end.
In my experience with these people, they are concerned with making the bottom line -- not in protecting your pet.
I am dealing with a similar situation for my pet. Petsecure was to drop our coverage to 70% in June of 2013 and then reversed it when I asked them to show me the calculations and comparing information that put us in the top 20% of policy holders. Now they want to drop coverage of my 14 year old dog to 50% and we have only claimed $4500 over the last 24 months…and we are supposed to believe that we are in the TOP of the 20% of claimants. I have asked the company to show me how they come to this conclusion. They have stated that they cannot disclose such information because of "privacy" and then other reasons (competitor disclosure). But they openly publish on their website the names and claim amounts of certain dogs. Privacy?? What?
Here's the issue -- I have to SUBSTANTIATE a claim that I submit to them - with a receipt from my vet and his/her signature. Shouldn't they have to SUBSTANTIATE a decrease in my coverage with PROOF that I'm in the top 20%?? Or am I to believe they can never make a mistake??? Ridiculous business practice. The Wolf of Wall Street people. The Wolf of Dog Insurance = Petsecure