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I purchased PetPlan after reviewing pet insurance options when we first brought our Golden Retriever puppy home. Seven years later, I would not be without it. Maggie attends daycare and when I picked her up one day early 2013, she was just not herself. At home, she started having a twitch where her head would twist to the right. It appeared neurological and occurred every 3 minutes or so on clockwork. We immediately went back to the Vet office. They gave her some anti-inflamatory medications and a steroid but could find no reason for her twitch. They suggested a specialist, so off we went. Several thousand dollars and an MRI later found no issues that the specialist could pin point. The medications seemed to address her issues over a few weeks and today she is back at daycare having fun. Best part is that PetPlan covered all but about $500.

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Golden Retriever

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