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We have had Healthy Paws Pet Insurance for about 6 months now for our little one year old frenchie and we could not be happier.
Our frenchie recently had to undergo a major emergency surgery and we were so grateful to have Healthy Paws pet insurance for him, what a blessing. We were able to have the critical care clinic perform all procedures needed to save our frenchie and get him back to normal because we are with Healthy Paws. We even heard the critical care clinic recommend Healthy Paws to another customer there asking about pet insurance! Healthy Paws emailed us on the weekend a note sending hugs to our frenchie, I was so positively surprised, I would have never expected anything like this from a pet insurance. They have a very personal style of communicating and are very compassionate.

On the claim submission process, Healthy Paws has been very easy to deal with while being extremely fast, one day after submitting any invoices we receive a response, and the check is in the mail 2-3 days later. Only for the first claim they require the full medical records of your pet which your vet will handle for you. Afterwards only invoices need to be submitted. Submitting your invoices your vet will also handle for you if you leave a blank claim form at your vets office; so really, there is no work for you after you printed and signed the claim form and gave to your vet. We only remind the vet of submitting the form and that has been all it took. When you go to a new hospital

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Twisted lung lobe
Claim Amount
Over $1000

French Bulldog

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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