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This is my first experience with pet insurance ever. I purchased it for my 2 new Chihuahua puppies this summer. I did exhaustive research on the internet. Somehow Healthy Paws escaped my search and just when I was about to chose another company, I found them. I could not find one poor review anywhere…and you know there’s always someone who offers one star. The insurance is not for the expected costs…which I had been hoping…doggie dental, spay/neuter, checkups – the things that I pay a fortune for every year! I had to wrap my head around the fact that this is for unexpected problems that could leave me in the horrible position of wondering how to pay for a costly, unexpected but necessary procedure. Too many of my friends were having that experience. The monthly cost for Healthy Paws is low enough that if I never needed to use the insurance then I can count my blessings. Low and behold, about two months ago, at 9 months old, Abby started that skip/limp when running – luxating Patella common to Chihuahuas. Our vet told us she has congenital, bilateral Medial Patella luxation, Grade IV, of both legs. A specialist did x-rays and we learned her legs were already showing signs of damage. We did the surgery on her first leg 3 days later, along with a Sedated Airway Exam to try to learn why she makes a honking noise when she gets excited. Healthy Paws was better than all I had read!! I have the 90% coverage with a $100 deductible (which isn’t much more than the higher d

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Bilateral Luxating Patella
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