"Your cat doesn't need th more expensive plan sir

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I just finished my first year with two cats on a Banfield Wellness Plan. I had brought the cats to private vet (horrible) and a VCA Cat Only hospital - good but expensive. Then I thought I would try Banfield after one the VCA Vet told me the cat had some gingivitis. I had used dental food and started brushing the cat's teeth. I researched and found the wellness plans where I could pay in monthly installments for a LOT of included care, including, on the upper level - more expensive plan - a dental cleaning. I went to Banfield thinking that I'd get their upper level more expensive plan that includes the dental cleaning. During my initial FREE visit/exam, I told the vet all of that - she did her exam and told me the cat's teeth looked good and that she didn’t' need a cleaning. RIGHT?! I practically came in asking for a cleaning and she told me the cat didn’t' need it?! Like she was saying "No, you don’t' need to pay that extra money with us….your kitty doesn't need that high cost procedure." NICE. The vets at the Bainfield I go to have been GREAT. The "nurses" also. The front desk people are sometimes agravating, but once you're with a professional - it's all professional and very good. That is my experience. Also, the cost….excellent. And get to pay monthly a SET amount for all that care. AWESOME. I not only "would" recommend this company to other pet owners - I ALWAYS DO recommend it to other pet owners. Probably, from what I read, ya may need t

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Wellness Plan
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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