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On October 22nd of last year our family received it newest addition, an adorable two month old Harlequin Great Dane we named Tank. About a month ago we started noticing that Tank was walking very funny, but given that he had grown from 27lbs to at that point about 75lbs in a little over two months, we attributed it to his rapid size increase. When the problem continued to worsen we were referred to a neurologist and last week he had very expensive neurosurgery (approximately $8,000). At that point we had only had one small claim filed with Healthy Paws (which they had paid very promptly) but we were very skeptical about how they would handle such a large and exotic claim. They were wonderful! As a pediatric reconstructive surgeon, I only wish that the human insurance companies I have to deal with were half as responsive. We have had pet insurance before and were very disappointed with it. When we got Tank my husband did a lot of research and loved the fact that there were no breed specific exclusions, no restrictions on the veterinary charges (our last per insurance would always tell us that our veterinarian was charging way too much and would automatically slash any claim in half) and no lifetime caps on the policy. Although Healthy Paws was the most expensive option, it is clearly worth it as you truly get what you pay for. My family could not give a higher recommendation to Healthy Paws. It is an incredible product and we will never have a dog again without a Healt

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