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I wish that I had seen all of the bad reviews before I agreed for my pup to be signed up for this "Wellness Plan". I have about 4 months left and I am trying my best to get it cancelled. They have been careless and rude ever since I began going there. I had never had a dog before so I only wanted what was best for her. I figured even though I was spending a little much, she was worth it. Wrong. They screwed me left and right. It got the worst recently when I made the appointment for my dog to get her surgery for being fixed. They assured me when I made the appointment that it would cost me nothing since I had this plan. Then when I arrived they informed me that I would have to pay for the sedative they used on her and also the cone that she would have to wear. They chose the most expensive one, saying that I couldn't pick one out and that due to her size this was the only one. Then they called me about 5 hours later saying I could pick her up, I waited about an hour and went to get her. I was then informed that since she was 10 lbs. over the limit (and much apology for not realizing it before) I would be paying an extra $40 for for the sedatives. Then I was told that she absolutely must have this pain medication to help her deal with the pain from the surgery. When I got her she couldn't even walk, she's a big dog, and I had to carry her to the car and also into the house. She was almost still fully unconscious as if they over-dosed her.

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