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We have two German Shepherds, have been insured with Pet plan for six years, have never had an occasion to use the insurance. Had heard many comments during the six years, that Pet Insurance was a waste of money, better off just saving the money because the Insurance Companies will usually find a reason to disqualify the claim. I must admit I pondered this during the last six years, and had thought about saving the money instead of paying insurance that we never use. Well, so glad I did not listen, kept the insurance on both dogs and will never be without it!! This last April Alexis got hurt, we will never know for sure how it happened, perhaps chasing a squirrel or just turning her head abruptly, she hurt her neck and her back. All of a sudden in the middle of the night she was crying out in pain! We made a hurried trip to an Emergency Vet Clinic, where they did X-rays and an Exam, could not find the exact problem, so referred us to her primary Vet, who had to refer us to another Emergency Clinic for an MRI and spinal tap. Moral to this story is that just to find out what is wrong with your pet, it will in most cases cost you a few thousand dollars, then come the tests and the treatment!! I called Pet Plan and they assured me with my Silver Plan, her deductible is $200.00, and they pick up 80% up to $14,000.00, per year, what a relief, and what a help they were to us. Alexis will need treatment for a long time, not sure I could have afforded all this, if I did not h

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Neck and Back Pain
Claim Amount
Over $1000

German Shepherd

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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