On average pays about 50% of ACUTAL costs

Out of 10

VPI has done fairly well. I've had several different insurance companies and this is about average for reimbursements. I have 2 dogs on with the policy for several years now. I'm glad they insure seniors at all. Most good / emergency/ large city vets charge quite a bit more than the "allowance" given for each problem. Payment usually comes in about 4 weeks depending on how complex the issue is. I had a very complex issue with my female lab and had to get an initial non-diagnosis and resubmitted an appeal with the final diagnosis and got back about %50 when it was all over with. Be aware complex issues may code under more than diagnosis and once you've spent you allowance for that diagnosis for the year that's it. Chronic conditions get expensive. Also there are a few diagnosis that aren't on the list and coding/ getting appropriate reimbursement for those gets hard. Customer service is pretty good when I called. I was able to get one processed a bit faster (3 weeks) so I could peruse more care. They seem to be able to answer my questions a bit better than other companies about coverage etc..

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Labrador Retriever

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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