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I got Vpi because it was the only insurance available 10 years ago in my state. I am so disappointed with them that I am shopping around for a second policy. VPI caps all their benefits,explaination of benefits are so hard to figure out you can't tell what you are or not being reimbursed for. Conditions are put in primary and secondary catagories so when they reimburse you they don't have to pay full benefits for the secondary condition. I spent $7000.00 for six days at the er vet for my dog and only $1400.00 was reimbursed. There are much better insurance companies available now that I only wish I had the same choice years ago. I would NEVER recommend VPI.

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Posted: 05/13/2014

Totally agree with this reviewer! Tiny reimbursements and totally hard to figure out what is covered, not covered. I would never recommend VPI either, never.