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I I absolutely hate this stupid plan! I thought I signed up for something good for my yorkie but I was very wrong ! In September Went in for shots and he came out looking all over dosed!! The tech guy told me how I had to neuter my dog for his benefit and I said no he rudely yelled at me saying I was a horrible pet owner ! And he went about scheduling the neutering saying I had approved it I was so angry I decided to call that day to cancel ! The guy on the phone said I couldnt cancel until I paid off what I owed them !! after september I was charged 40$ from my account ! Too pay them back I called in ddecember trying to cancel again and the guy told me that january was my last payment!I called and after they charged me the 40$ for january they charged me and extra 35! For february I order to cancel !!!!!! IF YOU LOVE YOUR PET DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY OR EXPOSE YOUR PET AND YOURSELF TO HORRIBLE SERVICE !!!

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plan cancelation
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Yorkshire Terrier

Age of Pet
Under a year

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Posted: 03/21/2014

I chose to adopt a rescue dog recently. If you could see all the homeless dogs and puppies that are in cages waiting and hoping for someone to love them, you would realize the value of neutering and spaying dogs. Or even see how many dogs they pick up that are foraging for food and warmth or coolness outside that were abandoned. Perhaps you got into dog ownership before you could afford it. It is a two way street: ownership of a dog is like practice for having kids. It really means learning to love a helpless being that will pay you back in so many ways -- and sure, can cause you heartache - but usually not from them (as kids can). Whatever you do, I hope you do the right thing for your adoptee even if that means finding him a home that can give him love and protection.

Posted: 03/31/2014

He is an indoor dog and I don't feel the need to neuter him. I don't plan on breeding him if that is your concern and you shouldn't judge me by that. He means the world to me I treat him with a lot of love. He has his own play room, with many toys, and comfortable bed. I take him to the groomers to get pampered.

Posted: 06/17/2014

I agree Katrina and in addition to controlling overpopulation, there are medical benefits to neutering like preventing testicular cancer and prostate problems. Spay and Neuter is the ONLY way to go.
Please reconsider Alex.

Posted: 11/16/2014

It is his dog, and his choice if he wants to neuter him or not. He is not allowing him to run on the street and impregnating female dogs. I think people forget that fixing your animals is the owner's discretion, and it is not YOURS. Some owners show their animals, or just do not believe in it. If they are not contributing to the over population problem, then it is not your business. You are not paying his pet's bills, so get out of his business. The pet nurse was way out of line, and had no right to express his opinion in a rude manner, much less make a neuter appointment after the owner expressed he did not intend to neuter his dog. As far as I am concerned, the pet nurse should have gotten written up or been terminated. This is just an example of how Banfield does not respect their clients, and allows their employees to be rude and disregard the owner's wishes.