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This is a copy of an email I sent directly to VetInsurance:
I am almost two years late writing this email, but I hope better late than never!

Our dog, Maverick, experienced a very sudden illness in December of 2011 and had to be hospitalized at the Atlantic Veterinary College in Prince Edward Island. We live in Halifax and had to leave him there and return home as it was Christmas time and we have four children.

Maverick received incredible care while at the AVC; however, it was extremely expensive. During the time that we were making decisions on his case, I trusted that the policy we had for pet insurance through Trupanion (VetInsurance) was true to its word that there was no limit per condition.

After a three week stay and a $15,000+ bill, we unfortunately lost Maverick to a cardiac arrest. It was devastating to our family. Once we got over the shock and sadness of losing him, I had to sit down and deal with the financial end of things. I was so absolutely relieved when I submitted my claim to Trupanion and they responded with an approval - no hassles or delays.

During what was an extremely stressful time for us, both emotionally and financially, Trupanion put my mind to rest on the financial side of things right away.

In particular, Brooke Pickett, if she is still there, was the person who helped me and she was wonderful. She was compassionate and caring and swift in her replies and action on our account.

Everyone is always quick to send in the

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