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I am so so so happy I chose Healthy Paws. I've never encountered better customer service. Perhaps more importantly, Healthy Paws has followed through 100% on all that is promised in our plan. We insure both of our dogs, and through an unlucky run they've both needed a lot of medical help recently... starting only weeks after we signed up. One dog seems injury prone and the other has what is apparently an autoimmune condition that is causing her ACL's to deteriorate. We took her in a few weeks after we signed up for what we thought was a sprain in one of her legs. It turned out one ACL was gone and the other on its way out. The treatment requires two expensive surgeries. We've already completed one surgery and we'll be taking her back in for the other soon. All through this, Healthy Paws has been completely reliable, easy to work with, unbelievably prompt (e.g. I submitted one bill at 11 p.m. and I'd received an approval by the next morning), and caring. After they found out she had surgery, Healthy Paws sent me an email checking up on her. I assumed it was a computer generated email (perhaps it was), but I thanked them anyway for their concern and within a day I got a second, definitely not computer-generated, email about her well-being.
Both applying for insurance and submitting claims is easy. The general tone from Healthy Paws has consistently been one of trust and concern. For example, when we needed to take our dog to a specialist, I called to check if that was okay,

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