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I have owned 6 wonderful dogs over the last 30 years, yet never believed in the need for pet insurance. A few months ago my 6 year old dog Spanky suddenly developed pancreatitis along with raised crusted lesions all over her body. After seeing her vet and then a vet dermatologist for a biopsy, and spending over $1,000.00 she is back to normal. But we still have no idea what caused this sudden illness!! Veterinary medicine has come a long way over the years, but it sure is costly. I am retired and a vet bill like that sure hurts. I researched and insured my 1yr old dog Honey with Healthy Paws. A small monthly payment is so much easier to handle, then a huge immediate bill. After making my 2nd monthly payment, Honey suddenly had 6 seizures in 1 hour. After all the testing, an overnight hospital stay, and medication...she is fine but the bill was over $1,200.00. The reimbursement was quick and the majority of the bill was paid! I sure wish I had this insurance for my other dogs.

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1 - 8

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