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I purchased 24PetWatch at the advice of a friend the day I brought home our dachshund puppy, Boris. I'm so thankful I did because he's been to the emergency vet far more than a puppy should. He's had gastrointestinal problems, a bee sting, dehydration, and in November was diagnosed with IVDD, which is a congenital disease. If we hadn't gotten 24PetWatch, it would take us so much longer to recover financially. You pay all vet costs up front and of all the claims I have submitted, I have received back around 50-70%. Note that this insurance (and most pet insurance policies) don't cover routine care like neuter surgeries, immunizations, etc. It's there for when you don't want to have to make a decision whether something is 'too expensive.' Boris' insurance is better than mine!

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Under a year

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