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I have pet insurance on all my 3 pet children (Max-13, Nala-6, and Kikkoman-3). Nala, our lab has ate foxtails 2-3 times and has had to visit the Pet Emergency (of course it never happens during the week and during the day) and has had to have surgery a couple of times. Also she was not fixed (she was a rescue) and developed Pyometra and could have died. She had to have emergency surgery and without VPI insurance it would have been a huge out of pocket cost. In stead it was a $200 out of pocket cost for me (after my deductible) which our Nala doesn't have a problem maxing out with her foxtail surgeries. I really can't advocate enough about the benefit of having VPI for my dogs. I have had absolutely no problem with receiving timely reimbursement. Let me tell you that I had a terrible experience prior to VPI with our beloved Bull Mastiff rescue when she got heartworms and we ended up spending over $7000 out of pocket to save her. In the end there was nothing more we could do and we had to put her to sleep. It is so stressful and heartwrenching when you are doing what ever it takes to save your dogs life and you are having to think about the cost. I will never go without pet insurance again. Pet Insurance gives me a piece of mind! I recommend VPI to all my friends, family and basically anyone I meet at the Vets office. Thank you VPI!

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