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We have been with Trupanion back to the days it was Vetinsurance(just over 5 years). This year it completely paid for itself. First in September our dog had a curate ligament surgery and Trupanion was great about covering costs and assisting with ant question I had. It was great because the Care Centre Hospital here in town also allows for direct billing which save you from paying out of your pocket the whole amount. That surgery went really well and she had fully recovered. The end of December our dog had an ear infection Christmas Eve took her in got that treated and then the week after she had strange symptoms that we are still not sure of. It was $1500 on New Year's Eve and then 4 more vet visits after that trying to figure out what was wrong. Good thing Trupanion is so quick with their processing and payments. They are great a notifying on the status of your claim along the way as well. Hopefully we can figure out what the issue is

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Over $1000

Catahoula Leopard

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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