Saved my cat's life

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Our cat stopped eating and had to be hospitalized due to dehydration and acute pancreatitis. She was very ill and was hospitalized for 4 days, before we brought her home after a feeding tube was surgically inserted. The hospitalization cost us over $5,000, plus we had over $1,000 additional expense from outpatient vet visits. Having lost my job a couple of months before, we would not have been able to hospitalize our cat and would have had to euthanize her without pet insurance. Instead, she was stabilized in the hospital and then I was able to feed her thru the tube at home and she made a full recovery. PetFirst paid the claims promptly in about 2 weeks, with no questions asked, which was in time for me to pay the credit card I'd put the bills on. I wish human health insurance paid that fast! My only regret is that the policy only covers up to $5,000 and I ended up exceeding that with this illness. But the policy did cover enough to make it possible to treat our cat instead of putting her down. I almost dropped the pet insurance when I lost my job, to save money, and am so glad I did not. The premiums ended up being worth every penny, as it saved our cat's life.

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Domestic Shorthair

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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