24PetWatch - horrible customer service, waste of $

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Very difficult to talk to someone on charge. After more than 25 business days waiting for word one way or the other, On the only claim I ever filed with them, I finally found out my claim was denied after 7 years of paying them premiums on multiple accounts. So then the rep tells me I have to go through a lengthy reassessment process but thought my chances were good. However when the manager called me back, she was very snarky in her tone and said that I could ask for a reassessment but the answer would still be no. They said they found something in the pet puppy records from 2007 that hinted at a possible future problem. When I explained that my vet told be they typically just note this condition automatically for small dog breeds, and asked if I could get a letter from my vet addressing that entry (as the first rep told me I could), the manager rudely said it wouldn't matter what the vet said, all that matters is that note in the medical record. They also said they considered the other injury related so wouldn't even consider paying a portion of the surgery. 24PetWatch is a scam, & they only want to collect your premiums and deny paying anything when you file a claim. Now I've flushed down the toilet well over twice what I ended up paying out of pocket for the surgery. Highly recommend just putting a little bit aside in a separate savings account for emergency dog care rather than signing up with these scam artists.

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Torn Ligament & patellar repair
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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