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When we first purchased pet insurance I was skeptical. I figured that we would pay into it for the life of our pet and never use or when we did need it, it would be difficult to collect. The idea of a costly vet bill in our time of need swayed my decision so I decided to sign up and "see what happens".
Recently, our 4 year old Rottweiler underwent a surgical repair for a lameness in her leg. At our vets recommendation we opted for a procedure (TPLO) that would allow our dog to return to the standard of life that she had been accustom to. Our vet contacted Trupanion to ensure that the procedure was covered and within hours we were approved and scheduling her surgery date.

Once the surgery was completed additional follow ups were required for laser treatments, all covered. We have since completed those follow ups and our pup is on the road to recovery.

Aside from paying our initial deductible, all monetary transactions were made between our vet and Trupanion, making it extremely easy for us not having to prepare claims forms and expense lists. In fact, we even received a check for fees paid upfront prior to the approval for the surgery. All of our dealings with Trupanion were very pleasant and you could tell that the people on the other end of the phone have true passion for what they do and a love of animals. I strongly believe that they understand that a pet is not just a pet but a member of your family.

I really cannot say enough great things about Trupa

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lameness in leg
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