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Like most insurance, it's doesn't feel worth it if you don't need it---and you hope you don't need it. The breeder that we got our pup from suggested that we try VPI for the first year. It wasn't cheap...$400 or so, but we took the advice. Initial shots, pills, etc...werent' covered under the policy that we chose and there's a deductible too. Our 8 month old puppy swallowed a bone that obstructed his intestines. We didn't know why he wouldn't eat or drink and was lethargic. The first vet that we took him to didn't see anything on the xray and gave him an I.V. bag and some nauseau medicine. The next morning our dog was almost unrepsonive and the situation was dire. We took him to a specialized animal hospital that did an ultrasound and found the problem. Our dog needed surgery that day. He stayed for a couple of nights and then we needed some return visits for swelling and leaking complication. Now it's just a memory and our dog is no worse for the wear. Total price-tag---$4,000! VPI paid back just over $3,000 and did so quickly. So glad we bought it.

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Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

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