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I am the proud owner of an eight month old mini Dauschaund. I hesitated getting the insurance at such a young age (6 months) as only basic care would not cost that much. Little did I know what faced me. I of course did the expected neutering and preventive care and the plan payed just as it stated it would. I then placed my baby in obedience training where he somehow got hold of an artificial leaf and ate it, he chewed on and ate anything; I did inform everyone I spoke to of this. As a result he ended up at the vet. After a misdiagnosis of over stress and allergies and double dosage of antibiotics that didn't work, I took him to a second Dr for another look who found the blockage, thank goodness. This resulted in surgery and another round of medication and monitoring. You can imagine the tests and costs involved. In the beginning of the process I was pleased but not overly surprised at the reimbursement. The real test was the surgery phase after all of the prior treatment for the same symptoms. Imagine my surprise when I received all but 30.00 of a several hundred dollar bill. I am sold and very thankful, not only for the vet that saved my baby's life but for the honesty and diligence of VPI who did what they said they would do; something very rare in today's world of insurance. I would urge anyone on the fence, as I was, to buy it.

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