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Roxy, my English bulldog is only 4 1/2 but unfortunately has been through a lot. She was hospitalized for 9 days last summer with a disease in which her immune system killed her red blood cells. To get well, she had to have her immune system killed off. Can you imagine the medical issues with a dog with no immune system? VPI has been a financial life saver. Roxy pulled through and we've been in remission since then but it hasnt been cheap. VPI is what got us through financially, however!!! The past year I've paid out THOUSANDS of dollars and have been reimbursed for about 80% that I've paid out. My monthly payments are very inexpensive considering Roxy's breed and issues (about $40). I have had friends and family sign up for VPI and they love it as well. My vet says I am the poster child for why people should purchase vet insurance (VPI particulary). Amazing customer service. They will do everything possible to reimburse the highest amount. I have major medical and wellness so basically Roxy has been covered for everything and anything and I feel like we've been practically paid out for a lot of it. Some examples of things I've had paid back: x-rays, hospital stays, medicine, mris, nasal surgery, blood work, etc, etc. Take it from Roxy and get VPI!!!!!!!! It's literally the smartest financial decision I've ever made. Even if your dog never has a medical issue, wellness visits can be covered and the peace of mind you get is priceless.

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