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My wife and I are the proud parents of 3 beautiful angels that happen to be Chihuahua's. The oldest is 10 , our boy is 4 and our youngest is 3. We decided about a year ago we were going to insure our angels. "Researching" doesn't even begin to describe what we did while trying to find an insurer. Most companies were automatically excluded from eligibility because they would not insure our oldest- the 10 year old female- in perfect health. After coming up with 3 possible choices that would meet our needs, it was reviews like this one that helped me decide. My wife and I chose Healthy Paws and we have no regrets whatsoever. Our youngest, a tiny sweet angel named Cabiria, recently had a really crazy tug-of-war with another dog and a rope toy. This was highly unlike her, but we let it slide. The next day- she wasn't herself- it seemed like she was in pain. She wasn't eating and her normal jovial energy was non-existent. We took her to our vet where we learned the bad news. Cabiria needed 4 to 6 teeth removed immediately. The tug-of-war declared war on her mouth. We were advised not to wait. Naturally, we immediately went ahead with surgery. Cabiria needed anesthesia as well as extra special care. We only trust one vet in manhattan to touch our dogs so going to an "insurer approved" provider was out of the question. What I really want to report here is that almost immediately the claim was processed and approved .Through the process of approving the claim , my wife and I rec

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Teeth extraction
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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