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I got Trupanion Pet Insurance for my two cats as a Christmas gift from my partner. We went away for Christmas and two days after we got back my young cat, Muffin, refused to eat. We took her to the vet for a check up and for the next three days we returned as none of the suggestions to get Muffin to eat were working. Finally, we had to get x-rays, medications, and finally surgery. At this point we were fresh out of ready cash to pay for procedures and had to call our brand new insurance company for pre-approvals. Trupanion was really easy to deal with, their case worker, Maria, was supportive and compassionate and Trupanion came through on all counts. I am so impressed and thankful for everything Trupanion has done for my little Muffin and for her worried parents. We are still working with the vet to find out what is wrong with our cat but I feel so much more confident knowing that we can depend on Trupanion.

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Domestic Shorthair

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1 - 8

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