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I cannot say enough good things about PetsBest. I think anyone who lives with animal companions is absolutely crazy if they do not cover every animal, no matter how young or how old, with one of PetsBest policies.
I have been with PetsBest for many years now. During times that I had little money, it was often the second bill I paid right after my mortgage -- because, having up to five cats sharing my house at any one time, I knew that being able to treat any illness that came up was my responsibility to my cat family.

I had many positive experiences with PetsBest over the years, mostly due to their amazingly fast and hassle-free reimbursement of veterinary expenses. But the time I felt the most grateful for the PetsBest team was this past fall, when my 14-year-old beautiful calico cat, Coco, became seriously ill due to a number of concurrent illnesses that over a three-month period of time caused her health to decline rapidly.

During these months, the PetsBest policy I had for my Coco made it possible for me to give her the finest medical attention to treat her multiple illnesses that came up so suddenly during the last months of her life by reimbursing me as generously and as faithfully as I could ever have imagined. The reimbursements from PetsBest came in so fast that I was able to use them to fund additional tests and treatments as my Coco's issues progressed. Not once did I have to deny Coco any treatment because of worrying if I could pay for it. I could practi

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Pancreatitis/Pancreatic mass
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Over $1000


Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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