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We have Pet Plan policies for all 4 of our Cavaliers and we are very happy we chose this company. Recently our Laurel was diagnosed with grade 3 luxating patellas on both of her hind legs. We submitted a claim for the office visit when the diagnosis was made as well as a request for pre-authorization for surgery. Approval was given quickly and she was able to have the surgery within a couple weeks of the diagnosis.
It is now 4 weeks post surgery and Laurel is recovering as hoped. PetPlan promptly settled our claim so we have no worries concerning her $2000.00+ vet bill. It was paid in full about 3 weeks after surgery.

This has always been our experience with this company. Every other claim we have made has been handled just as promptly and we have always been pleased with the service.

As an added bonus, the representatives, whom they refer to as Happiness Managers, are cheerful, polite, and sincerely strive to see that the pet and the pet parent receive the best. We heartily recommend PetPlan.

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luxated patellas
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 04/19/2014

I'm so confused by these good reviews. I have had nothing but really rude customer service and been lied to (my vet was also lied to), papers have been repeatedly lost by Pet Plan, employees do not apparently communicate with one another since several different people always "work on" one claim and they each say something different (my vet concurs). Claims take several weeks up to three months in my case to get resolved. Emails are not promptly answered and when they are, they just reiterate what I said and no actual answer to my question is given. I am nice, try to be patient, and ask intelligent questions, such as "why doesn't my password work anymore on your website?" and I get rude replies which don't solve the problem. I'm very very sad I decided to go with Pet Plan based upon the good reviews here, because now I'm sure another company would find something they could deem as a pre-existing condition if I switched. Oh and my rates were upped over $20 a month after only one year, with no actual warning. I can't believe they could have such horrible service AND such good service. Doesn't make sense.